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Brookaire has been serving America's clean-air needs since 1974. We are dedicated to providing quality Pleated Air Filters, Bus Air Filter, Custom Size Air Filter, Carbon Filters, Pocket Air Filters, Box Filters, Merv 8, Roll Filters, Merv 11, Merv 13, Air Conditioning Filter, Air Filtration Equipment & V-Belts products and services at competitive prices. Brookaire's employees are committed to customer satisfaction! The high demands are not limited to our own organization but extends to the needs and requirements of our customers.

The air we breathe is rarely clean or pure, but air filters keep the air running through our homes much cleaner and healthier. Brookaire is committed to providing a "one-stop shop" for all of your air filtration requirements.

Air Filters

Air Filters

Brookaire Company is excited to offer Air Filters for your HVAC equipment. The line of air filters are available in common and custom sizes, provides cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions for your HVAC needs...
Bus Filters Oil, Air & A/C Filters

Engine Filters Oil, Air & A/C Filters

Brookaire Company is delighted to offer Engine Filters, bus air filters for your air engines. Brookaire offers superior protection for your engine-powered equipment with high quality, heavy-duty lube, air, fuel...


Brookaire Company is delighted to offer V-Belts for your HVAC equipment. Brookaire offers a new generation of high performance wedge belts, classical v-belts,raw edge, and moulded cogged...
Coil Cleaner, Coil King

Coil Cleaner

Brookaire Company is excited to introduce Coil Cleaners for your HVAC equipment. We offer all types of cleaners for Air Conditiong & Refrigeration, including internal coil cleaners, premium exterior condensor...

High Efficiency Air Filter
Bag Filters
Pocket Air Filters
Roll Filters
Mini-Pleat Air Filters

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